Author Guideline

  1. Manuscripts submitted are original works and have never been published before (except for abstracts or reports presented at scientific meetings).
  2. As long as the manuscript is in the editing process, the author is not allowed to enter the manuscript into another journal until there is a decision that the manuscript is accepted or rejected by the editor.
  3. Preparation of manuscripts includes the format of typing the manuscript and writing the contents of each part of the manuscript. Writers need to make sure there are no mistyping of title name or other information related manuscript
  4. Abstract, keywords, and MRBM classification numbers. The abstract should be less than 150-200 words. Please provide the abstract in both English and Indonesian versions. The keywords should be of 3 to 5 words or phrases, written alphabetically.
  5. References should be those of the last ten years' publication and 70% is from Scopus Articles 
  6. Citation in the text body should be written with APA 7thEdition. The Authors are recommended to use Mendeley Reference software.